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What a great neighborhood. The poetry man sits in his wheelchair at the entrance to the Hillsdale Farmers Market saying, “Like poetry?” to everyone who walks by, and he’ll compose a poem for me on the spot, for a nominal fee. After getting my poem, I join the crowd streaming into the outdoor market, twice a month in winter, every Sunday in summer, and wander.

I’ll taste a juicy strawberry, if they’re in season; fill my brought-from-home bag with tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and maybe purple carrots; Cherry Country, chocolate-covered cherries, farmers marketsample chocolate-covered cherries at the Cherry Country booth; tip the musicians.  I have to choose which vinegar to try at Blossom Vinegars: Blueberry Basil? Ginger Pear? They’re all good. Everything is regional and fresh, grown on farms an easy drive away.

As I browse I’ll say hello to friends and neighbors and Oregon black truffles, farmers marketchat about the latest Hillsdale happenings: a concert at Wilson High, a sale at Paloma, what’s new at Food Front. Then I’ll buy a gorgeous bunch of flowers and walk home. Just thinking about it makes me eager for summer, when I can buy ears of sweet corn and gorge on those luscious peaches, the best I’ve ever tasted.

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