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This tour was a lot more than a paddle around a lagoon, half an hour south of Zihuatanejo, Mexico. It was an education, with a teacher so intrepid and erudite,  we learned more about local history, ecology, and plant and animal life than I ever knew, while having fun. kayak tours, Zihuatanejo, Mexico, Brian Peters, Zoe Kayak Tours, wildlifeBrian Roach is an expert at sharing what he knows.

Our little group floated among the mangroves, binoculars at the ready, and he pointed out cormorants, frigate birds, elegant white egrets, flycatchers, doves, roseate spoonbills, and a few dozen others (he knew all the species variations, of course). We were far from the tourist beach scene as Brian guided us through mangrove tunnels and showed us where salt had been gathered. He provided a good lunch on a beach, bird life Mexico, wildlifeall the while telling us how the tides work and the birds migrate and what happens in the rainy season.

Some years back, Brian and his wife, Kathy Kokolias, came to Zihua from New England to help with a friend’s hotel and boutique. Guests were interested in their 2 kayaks, so Brian started tours. Now they have 28, and Zoe Kayak Tours offers hotel iguana, wildlife, Mexico, Zihuatanejopick-up in a van for trips to the lagoon at Barra de Potosi, Laguna Valentin, and the recently opened wildlife refuge, El Refugio De Potosi.

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