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Tai Chi, Portland Chinese Garden, Chinese New YearSilent and focused, the Tai Chi Sword and Fan performers went through their paces, wooden swords thrusting forward, fans opening and closing with a loud snap. The audience, scattered around a terrace overlooking a small lake, paid rapt attention and applauded mightily.

This was part of the Chinese New Year celebration at the Lan Su Chinese Garden in NW Portland. There were Lion Dances, red paper lanterns, masks, Portland Chinese Gardenmusic and stories, all for the Year of the Tiger. Thousands of visitors came through, and I was one of them, enthralled again by this stunning, authentic, tranquil garden.

Formerly a parking lot, the garden’s square block seems larger when you walk the paths and bridges, past pavilions, shrubs and waterfalls. Portland Chinese Garden, Chinese Garden pavilionIt opened in 2000, based on a garden built in Suzhou, China, during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Everything is carefully placed, including 500 tons of Tai Hu rocks. The tall, slender limestone rocks are naturally sculpted with holes, hollows and scallops.Tai Hu rock, Portland Chinese Garden

I sampled a flowery tea in the teahouse but couldn’t stay for the lantern viewing and dragon parade; they were long since sold out. I did win a smile from the rushed waitress at the Golden Horse restaurant a block away, when I wished her “Gong Hoy Fat Choi” — Happy New Year!

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