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Fiesta Time

Sunday fiestas here in Zihuatanejo are pure celebration. Music, dancing, food stalls, balloon sellers, they all mingle on the central plaza facing the beach. Last Sunday a stage was set up on the basketball court, and 30 or so dancers in elaborate costumes swirled and strutted through some fancy footwork, based on traditional regional dances.

Meanwhile, vendors sold corn on and off the cob, tamales, popcorn, ice cream, enchiladas–the air was redolent with great smells. A clown ambled through with balloons. Off to one side, children bounced on a fenced trampoline. The plaza was packed with tourists and local families, out to enjoy the free open-air performances. And it happens almost every Sunday.  We wandered happily among them, reveling in a kaleidoscope of sound and color.

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