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 We prowled the gritty streets and alleyways of San Francisco that Sunday, searching for an infamous black bird, or at least the ghost of Bogey. Don Herron led the way, in his snapbrim and wrinkled trench coat. We never found the Black Falcon, though we saw a replica in John’s Grill, but we felt a few ghostly shivers and learned a lot about Dashiell Hammett and his noir detective stories set in The City By The Bay. Well, Don ought to know every detail of the author’s life and books, he’s been doing this tour for 33 years. We paused for a beer during the 4-hour walk, in a bar with ripped vinyl stools and photos of boxers on the walls. Very Continental Op. Later we saw the alley where Sam Spade’s partner, Miles Archer, met his end in the night fog, betrayed by a treacherous dame. The tour cost a measly tenspot, worth every cent. Next time I’m wearing a cool ’40s hat.

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